LogMATE – Drill Hole Logging Made Simple

LogMATE is an easy to use hand held portable drill hole logging software package, that ensures full integrity and validation of all your logging data right at the point of collection. Simply dump the data out as a standard CSV text file making it immediately available for loading loading into almost every geological database. No double handling of data. Designed to use a spreadsheet-like interface (like Excel) and operating on both the latest iPADs or Android based touch tablets, means its easy, quick and intuitive to use.

Easy To Use – Almost Anyone

Logmate uses a powerful, spreadsheet like interface to make logging fast and accurate. Combine that with the ability to either type in your codes or select from your own pre-defined lookup lists will make logging faster and quicker.

Export As Standard CSV

LogMATE exports the logging as standard CSV (Comma Separated Values) files. This means that the data is easily imported into almost any geological database that has a text-file import feature. This makes LogMATE database independent and so is suitable for use in your company.

Run on Cheap Hardware

Touch based tablets, such as those running on Google’s Android operating system as well as the newest range of Apple’s iPAD tables are getting cheaper and cheaper. You can now get LogMATE and the hardware bundle together for a cheaper price than many other software p[packages.
Call US Today to see how cheap hardware has got or if LogMATE will operate on your existing platforms.

You Control The Legend

Almost everything in LogMATE is customisable. Everything from the number of columns to the number of logging sheets. You control almost everything. You control the lookup lists an